21st July ’17: The Shires

So here’s my first gig review, and first post. So firstly, welcome to the blog! It’s just learning to walk, so don’t expect much. But here’s my first gig review … 

On Friday evening, last week, I went to see The Shires perform at The Sage in Gateshead as part of the Summertyne Americana Festival 2017. The Shires were supported by two truly amazing, mind blowing country acts – Catherine McGrath, and Sarah Darling.

It was a night of amazing country music, from three sets of great musicians.

Image result for catherine mcgrath

Catherine McGrath led the way, coming on first with a 30 minute set featuring tracks such as “Just In Case” and “Never Wanna Fall In Love”. Catherine currently has 2 EPs out, One and Starting From Now, which are available as MP3 downloads from the likes of Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc… so naturally, after listening and loving her entire set I had to get the lot! 9 songs – that’s practically an album!

A tough act to follow from to be perfectly honest, but Sarah Darling stepped up to the mark and performed an equally amazing set for a solid 45 minutes. Featuring tunes such as the lovely, chilled “Where Cowboy’s Ride” and “Montmarte”, Sarah Darling performed an incredible set! I was even fortunate enough to meet the woman herself after her set to get a copy of her brand new record Dream Country signed.

But, the main act of the night, The Shires, was the one that blew the whole crowd into a country styled party! The whole crowd on their feet, it was a spectacle and a half. It was my first ever concert at The Sage, and it was certainly an eye opener to what beautiful venues Newcastle/Gateshead can actually have…!

The Shires performed for over an hour with a set full of their hits from the upbeat and merry tunes of “Beats To Your Rhythm” & “A Thousand Hallelujahs” to the slower paced songs such as “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Brave”. It was truly an amazing set from a country act who I’ve wanted to see for quite some time. I missed out the last time they were at The Sage, so I certainly wasn’t missing out this time around! And I’m sure glad I didn’t miss out!

Image result for the shires

Here’s to hoping that Crissie & Ben tour again up North soon!

Do go and check out some of the tunes by all three of these amazing acts – some links are available below for pleasurable listening:

Catherine McGrath – ‘When I’m Older’ from Starting From Now

Sarah Darling – ‘Wandering Star’ from Dream Country

The Shires – ‘Drive’ from My Universe


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