‘What Does This Button Do?’

The question that was asked so many times by Dexter’s sister in Dexter’s Laboratory: “What Does This Button Do”. Well, there’s now going to be a book with that question as the title from none other than the finest vocalist in the world.

It’s no secret that Iron Maiden are my all time favourite band. I’ve seen them three times now, twice in Newcastle Upon Tyne (2011 and 2017) and once in London (2013). With that, it’s also no secret that Bruce Dickinson is one of my all time favourite lead vocalists, be that as part of Iron Maiden, or his solo project.


Well, around this time last year, it was teased that Bruce was potentially working on a new solo record. It was also teased that there would be a Bruce Dickinson autobiography in the works. Well it’s here (nearly).

The book focuses in on the life of the legendary Maiden vocalist from his younger days, through his Maiden & solo days. It will even venture into the recent battle with cancer that Dickinson successfully defeated.

This is an autobiographical account of the life and times of one of metals most iconic figures, and I’ve waited far too long for this to be released.

So put it in your calendar, it’s coming – October 19th 2017! UP THE IRONS!



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