Black Country Communion: IV

Earlier this year it was announced that Black Country Communion were set to return to the studio this year to create their brand new album – BCCIV.

Track list:
1. “Collide”
2. “Over My Head”
3. “The Last Song For My Resting Place”
4. “Sway”
5. “The Cove”
6. “The Crow”
7. “Wanderlust”
8. “Love Remains”
9. “Awake”
10. “When The Morning Comes”
11. “With You I Go”

Black Country Communion disbanded not long after the release of their 3rd studio album, Afterglow, which was released October 2012. It’s very soon, therefore, to being five years since we heard anything new from Black Country Communion, but it’s finally the time for the reunion to release new tunes!

The album’s pre-orders went live today. I myself noticed it on Joe Bonamassa’s FaceBook page but it turns out pre-orders are also available on Amazon UK. Featuring 11 brand spankin’ new BCC tunes, this is bound to be a great album!

The album is being made available as a CD edition, standard black vinyl edition, or a limited edition orange vinyl – very apt for the album cover – right!

You can head over to Amazon UK to pre-order your copy now HERE (I have).

But the new album isn’t the only news from Black Country Communion today. Their first single, “Collide”, was released onto Spotify today – I haven’t found it anywhere else (e.g. YouTube), so check it out on Spotify/Apple Music (if it’s on there too?)

It’s an incredible song and I can’t wait for the guys to release this great record!



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