1st August ’17: British Lion

It’s been a few days now since I went to a great, small venue in Newcastle Upon Tyne called Riverside to see British Lion – an amazing, ‘small’ band, with a mighty roar! Oh what a night to remember it was…..

You should know this absolute legend of a man from one of the biggest rock/metal bands the world has come to know and love – Iron Maiden. However, Steve Harris also has a small side project which goes by the name of British Lion.

Back in 2012, British Lion released their debut self-titled album British Lion. They’ve toured the UK and Europe plenty of times before, and I saw them in Riverside (Newcastle) in August 2016 for the first time. It was one of those shows where you’re not sure what to expect at first (or it certainly was for me), and you end up leaving after two hours of face melting rock music, with a mind that has been completely blow!

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Well the same happened on Tuesday 1st August 2017 too! British Lion brought local band Saints of Arcadia (from Gateshead, UK) as their support, and they too blew me away. Straight from the word GO, SoA were showing off their skills both musically and in the form of the amazing vocals from Nick Jennison. Performing tunes of their own, as well as an incredible cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, their set was certainly one to remember! They’re certainly a band I’ll be listening to a lot more of when they release more material!

Next up, it was time for Steve Harris and Co. to embrace the stage and perform a set of sheer awesome. And we were not let down. Featuring tunes from their debut album, British Lion, such as “Us Against The World”, “These Are The Hands” and “Judas”, as well as brand new songs such as “Spitfire” (the only title I can remember from any of the new tracks), it was an amazing set which certainly lived up to my memory of 2016.

But there was one thing that marked this particular evening as one much more memorable than 2016’s performance…

I finally got to meet Steve Harris!

As you may be aware, Iron Maiden are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE band – period.
i’ve been in love with Maiden for many years now, having seen them three times,too, it’s my dream to one day meet the entire band – however meeting Steve was certainly a beginning to this dream! Steve formed Iron Maiden back in 1975. So it was an absolute honour to meet the man himself! (Naturally I got a couple of Maiden CDs signed, as well as a British Lion drumstick which I obtained at the end of their set). What. A. Night! \m/

Setlist (From Wakefield gig – see HERE):

  1. “This Is My God”
  2. “Lost Worlds”
  3. “Father Lucifer”
  4. “The Burning”
  5. “Spitfire”
  6. “The Chosen Ones”
  7. “These Are The Hands”
  8. “Bible Black”
  9. “Guineas and Crowns”
  10. “Last Chance”
  11. “Us Against The World”
  12. “A World Without Heaven”
  13. “Judas”
  14. “Let It Roll” (UFO Cover)
  15. “Eyes Of The Young”

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