Juanita Stein: America

On July 18th 2016, I went to see The White Buffalo in Newcastle Upon Tyne. That night his support act was the amazing Juanita Stein, from Brighton, UK. I fell in love with her music that night, and now she’s back with her debut record: America.

Track list:Image result for juanita stein america
1. “Florence”
2. “Dark Horse”
3. “Black Winds”
4. “I’ll Cry”
5. “Stargazer”
6. “Shimmering”
7. “Someone Else’s Dime”
8. “It’s All Wont”
9. “Not Paradise”
10. “Cold Comfort”
11. “America”

It’s been over a year since I’ve listened to Juanita. I watched a few live videos of her on YouTube shortly after the White Buffalo’s concert, but nothing major since. Until now!
As it turns out, on July 28th (nearly two weeks ago), Stein’s debut album, America, was released via Nude Records as  CD & Vinyl.

It was also only until tonight that I found out that she would be performing live across the UK this coming September and October. Well, for £11 per ticket, I couldn’t say no to seeing her perform in Newcastle’s Cluny on September 27th! See the full list of dates and cities on the poster below:


I’m onto my third listen through of America now, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked! It’s got a slightly Kacey Musgraves-esque sound to it, particularly on track 7: “Someone Else’s Dime”, which is perfect for a big Kacey fan like myself!

So if you’re a fan of the chilled back vibe, country/folk music, Juanita Stein’s America is certainly the album for you. No doubt I’ll be playing this a lot for the coming weeks/months!

Juanita Stein


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