‘Wild Silence’

So here’s a new one for all those out there who take a liking toward folk/Americana music… check out ‘Wild Silence’, the debut album from the amazing new British group The Wandering Hearts.

1. “Rattle”iTunes Artwork for 'Wild Silence (by The Wandering Hearts)'
2. “Wish I Could”
3. “Fire and Water”
4. “If I Fall”
5. “Change For The Good”
6. “Devil”
7. “Biting Through The Wires”
8. “Wild Silence”
9. “Laid In The Ground”
10. “Heartbreak Hotel”
11. “Iona”
I’ve been listening to this album for the past week and a half or so, and I must say the albums is growing on me more and more each day! The first listen through of it, I was blown away…! And now I’m in love with even more than I was on day one!

Things very quickly changed the lives of four wonderful musicians last year in 2017 The Wandering Heartswhen they were signed to Decca Records. They released their debut single “Wish I Could”, which

features on their new album. Since then they have released “Devil” – their 2nd single, and the “Burning Bridges – EP” – all of which were released in 2017.

A couple of weeks ago, they returned, this time with their debut album, Wild Silence (9th February 2018).
It’s full of magical harmonies, amazing music, and fantastic songwriting! Both A.J. and Tara provide wonderful main vocals, while accompanied perfectly by each other, Chess and Tim.

This might be a little far fetched, but heck I’m going to say it anyway. With the music these guys are coming out with, they really could be the second Fleetwood Mac. They have the musical abilities and no doubt they have the fan base behind them to push them to huge extents. I know for sure I’ll be keeping a very close eye on them! I would just love to see them perform these songs live! Especially “Devil” and “Change For The Good” – both of these songs had me hooked from the very beginning!

Check out “Devil” below! You won’t be disappointed at all!

I can sense a Vinyl LP purchase coming on….


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